My Interview with Sales Guru Don Saracen


Join me for this interview with the amazing Don Saracen, author of Selling – It’s Personal: 49 Tips to Outsell the Competition.

Don Saracen is president and founder of SARACEN Sales & Marketing, a speaking, training and consulting firm specializing in Building Stronger Business Relationships. He collaborates with businesses, non-profits and trade associations to improve their interpersonal communication skills for bottom line results. Using stories, real life experiences and examples to teach and inspire his audience to take action.

Here’s what we will cover in this fast paced 40 minute Sales Empowerment program:

1. Stop selling on price – sell the difference between apples and oranges.
2. Using Google Alerts to monitor your brand and your competition’s.
3. Hunters vs farmers in sales.
4. The fattest fish are under your feet.
5. Telling a great story to inspire your client to act.
6. Stop talking…listen!
7. Rejection gets a bad rap.
8. Selling solutions.
9. Client ROI – Know when to hold and when to fold.
10. Time Management – working smarter not harder.

Stacey Alcorn is the author of REACH! and Tuned In. She is a business strategy and sales consultant for large corporations and Global Fortune 100 Firms. She is also a keynote speaker, blogger, trainer, and start-up consultant. Her sales training products have been licensed by hundreds of organizations around the world who use her one-of-a kind sales training materials as the genesis for their own brand growth. Make sure to sign up here for my REACH! Weekly News for awesome interviews with Leaders & Visionaries that I only share with my VIP members.