Michelle Tillis Lederman | How to Make Real Connections


Faced with a barrage of new spaces and new faces, networking can be a real challenge for a lot of people. Join Stacey Alcorn as she interviews author, speaker, coach, and trainer Michelle Tillis Lederman on how to be your authentic self and make real connections.

In her book, The 11 Laws or Likability, Michelle shares her insights on how to take off the mask and showcasing your true colors to percent your best, most authentic self to the world. In this podcast, she offers the two most important laws of likability including the Law of Authenticity and the Law of Giving.

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Learn how to boost your confidence by improving your self image. Start from a place of curiosity in your interactions with others at networking events by asking open-ended questions. Become aware of your own unique charm and use it to your advantage to forge real connections and effectively network.

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The 11 Laws of Likability– Michelle Tillis Lederman


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