Mind Over Market | An Interview with Tamara Dorris

We’re joined today by prolific author, successful real estate agent, and college professor, Tamara Dorris. Tamara has just come out with her 17th book – Mind Over Market – which she wrote to help professionals in the real estate field develop visualization practices to reset the neuropathways in their brain for success!

So many agents get stuck in fear, and clients can pick up on that, making it more difficult to close a sale or come up with creative solutions. Tamara shares insights on how mindfulness and being self-aware can position you for success by giving you the information you need to do things like adjust physiology and create positive energy to put your clients at ease. Tune in to learn the ins-and-outs of redesigning your neuropathways to overcome old habits and achieve success and happiness!

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn what neuropathways are, and how to transform them for success
  • Discover how visualization exercises can help rewrite your neuropathway roadmap
  • Get insights on how brain exercises can help prevent Alzheimer’s
  • Hear how physiology can affect your sales outcomes both positively and negatively
  • Understand how mindfulness helps us come up with our most creative solutions

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