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Meet Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Start-Up Expert, and Keynote Speaker – Stacey Alcorn

Entrepreneur, Author, Business Owner, Attorney, Blogger, and Mom….Stacey Alcorn’s keynotes, blogs, and radio show continue to offer a compelling message aboutdefining and achieving your dreams. Her message is one of building upon everyday small successes as a catalyst to reaching greater accomplishments. To bolster triumphs even further, she shares a message of tuning out naysayers, focusing on constructive energy, and every individual’s fundamental ability to mentor others to greatness. Stacey blogs regularly on her own site www.StaceyAlcorn.com and writes regularly for The Huffington Post. She also hosts The Road Map to Wealth Radio show across the country on WBZ once a month on Saturday nights.

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire – Stacey has become a highly sought after keynote speaker and consultant for several industries because her concepts about building a phenomenal business are extracted from her own experience in launching, building, and operating four successful businesses which she continues to operate today. She also mentors and consults start-up firms and Fortune Global 500 businesses. Learn more about Stacey’s array of successful businesses and you’ll see why her keynote and consulting calendar is often booked out months and years in advance. If you are interested in having Stacey speak at an event or inquire about consulting services, please contact her six months advance of your needs.

Real Estate:

Stacey’s real estate firm is the third largest in the state of Massachusetts, with more than 270 real estate agents who have gravitated toward the company’s boundless leadership during a challenging market. Stacey actively recruits for the firm and has systematized a process for growing a brokerage that is second to none. She is an expert in recruiting, mergers and acquisitions, and brokerage operational efficiencies. She is available for keynotes, brokerage consulting, and facilitation of brokerage mergers or acquisitions.

P3 Coaching & Training:

In 2009, Stacey and her partners launched P3 Coaching to offer systems for brokerage growth. The Broker Monthly program has been embraced by the brokerage community in the United States and Canada offering a system that owners and managers can use to grow a successful office through talent acquisition while simultaneously retaining the great agents that the firm has already attracted. A popular off-shoot of the Broker Monthly program is the Agent Empowerment Center program that the P3 Coaching team launched in 2011. This is a full customized brokerage training site that is updated on behalf of each brokerage weekly. Owners and managers also have the ability to add their own content as well. Stacey has spoken at events for Broker/Owners and real estate agents in almost every state in the US and most provinces in Canada. She offers simple solutions to growing great brokerages – the same simple solutions she currently uses in her own firms. Stacey is available for keynotes and half day or full day training programs. She is also available for consulting and brokerage coaching. As well, three times a year Stacey hosts a High Performance Brokerage Forum in the Boston area where she spends three days coaching and training owners and managers on how to grow a world class brokerage.

In 2013 after much demand from the Mortgage Industry, P3 Coaching & Training launched the Mortgage Originator Blueprint system for running a successful mortgage operation. The program is a monthly subscription based system based on the number of loan officers or mortgage specialists and it offers managers an opportunity to recruit additional mortgage talent while simultaneously offering regular tools to assist managers in helping their current mortgage team create better results.

My Little Black Box:

In 2013 Stacey and two partners launched a new, one of a kind, fashion platform for women. The program, www.MyLittleBlackBox.com is a monthly subscription service for jewelry and accessories. Women subscribe to receive their Little Black Box each month and the best part is that they never know what they will get. That’s the whole point of the program! The system encourages women to go out on a limb and try out new trends in fashion. When women go out shopping for fashion they often tend to buy items that are similar to what they already have. We help women push the limits of their fashion by trying out something new every single month. Fashion feeds into a woman’s confidence and confident women run big businesses, take over the corner office, juggle work and family, and accomplish amazing dreams.


In 2007, she crossed another lifelong dream off of her bucket list when she completed law school and was admitted into the Massachusetts Bar Association. Her firm, Law Office of Stacey Alcorn and it’s affiliated partner All American Title Services is a Massachusetts based firm that works solely on real estate closings and short sale negotiations.

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Stacey has delivered breakthrough achievement programs for corporations, trade groups, and universities throughout the United States and Canada. Stacey lives in New England with her family where she enjoys reading and long distance running. Her most rewarding and challenging job is mom to three year old Oshyn.

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