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About REACH! – Dream – Stretch – Achieve – Influence

This book is about magic. It is about creating something out of nothing. It is about bravely closing your eyes, pushing through your fear, and reaching for something that is not yet within your grasp. Once armed with the lessons and stories in this book, you will have the essential skills needed to achieve all of your dreams. For the first time ever, the job you want, the spouse you seek, the house, the car, the education, and the accomplishments you yearn for are all within REACH!. If this sounds unlikely or even impossible, keep reading, as I share back-to-back stories of people like you who thought that their greatest aspirations were pipe dreams too. Then something amazing happened in each of the lives I showcase in this book. They learned a skill never taught in school, rarely dissected in books, and seldom talked about amongst peers. They learned how to REACH!.



About Tuned In: Eight Lessons To Sales Success A Great Salesman Did Not Know He Knew

It takes a variety of skills and attributes to achieve success both in life and in business. In Tuned In, author Stacey Alcorn provides eight lessons to help people thrive in their careers regardless of market conditions or economic climate.

Tuned In narrates the fictional story of Barney Hasbin, a nineteen-year veteran of the realty business who blames his downfall on the failing economy. He learns more about himself and his abilities when he’s assigned to mentor a new employee. Soon both men are achieving positive results by following the eight lessons of successful sales:

◾Tell everyone you know what you do for a living.
◾Tell people that do not know what you do for a living.
◾Understand you have a lot to learn.
◾Stand out.
◾Be honest.
◾Be accountable.
◾Don’t give up.
◾Help others get what they want, and you will get what you want.

Hasbin’s mentoring proves to be a life-changing journey of hope, inspiration, and redemption. His story in Tuned In illustrates how following eight, easy-to-apply principles can make a profound difference. This is the story achieving greatness and triumph no matter what happens in the world around you.