The Habits and Attitudes of Success | A Conversation with Dr. Lance Casazza

52 people …

260 habits …

Hundreds of attitudes … all coming from some of the most extraordinary people you would ever want to meet.

Dr. Lance Casazza has packaged together the habits and attitudes of 52  people from all walks of life whose habits and attitudes will move you. Then each person leaves you with something profound – his or her “parting shot”. A deep truth about what they’ve come to understand about life, love, humanity, business, success, and true happiness.

Discover the wealth of untapped knowledge and experience that makes these amazing people who they are and what makes them joyful and successful.

On this episode of the podcast we will talk with Dr. Casazza about the habits and attitudes needed to be successful and how you can build them into your life too.

Dr. Lance A. Casazza previously wrote Be the Hammer Not the Nail to help the millions of people searching for a practical and useful self-help book to improve their lives. After spending several years struggling in his private practice, Dr. Casazza began a personal odyssey to discover what successful people did to realize their dreams. This book is the result of his research, dedication and commitment to find answers and help others build the lives of their dreams.

Dr. Casazza is a graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic West, New College of California, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of California, Davis. He has published several articles including: Sacramento News & Review, “Ask Dr. Lance”; and Dynamic Chiropractic, “The Association of Smoking and Low Back Pain.”


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